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Infamous Athleisure

VILLIN - From small beginnings and born from the streets, came a refined culture. A crew that from nothing reigned supreme.
Giving birth to the most limited and sought after athleisure on the planet!

A cult following and crew that one earned the right to wear. Walking the streets knowing the badge on your chest represents something much bigger than yourself. A lifestyle that means to become something from nothing - from a disruptive child to a fashion icon.

We are not the kids who excelled at school - we are the reckless ones, the misfits! the ones who made it despite hardship!

Together we represent a lifestyle, a brand that the very ones who looked down on us, now beg to be apart of. Our values hold strong like the foundations we first laid.

Don't like our clique? Tough. We're not here to impress you. We didn't get here following the crowd. We carved our own path and we will keep doing what we do!

If you are reading this, these words are addressed to you. Villin is not just a brand it's a way of life! A decision not to be taken lightly, But once made, will initiate you into a family. Born from recklessness, held together like bricks.

Villin means "to never sell out!"




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